sal is trash
i can't handle him he truly belongs in the garbage can

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i give you the kashitaro head tilt smile


by のりしお(__)

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By くろの葉

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Happy Birthday Marry

By てらにし

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I love how the greatest joke in anime history is even joked about in anime.

(Source: unit03)

  Anonymous said:
I want more harutaka and konoene

hi anon yes it’s the late reply

//throws harutaka and konoene at you

  nina-rd said:
shooting rainbow




The pretty guardian in a Sailor Suit.
Guardian of love and intelligence,
Sailor Mercury!

Douse yourself in water, and repent!


im crying at t-kun why is he so cute

so when he’s home in sapporo, miao-chan (his cat) usually sleeps on his arm, but then when he’s in tokyo he usually stays at a hotel and he can’t feel comfortable sleeping without that feeling of miao-chan on his arm, so he puts a shampoo bottle or something like that there instead wwwwww apparently its ok even though its not soft, there just has to be something there for him to feel comfortable wwwww


yes this is a really old joke but eyyyyyy

suspects a-no, b-ka, c-na, d-suke, and e-ki

also i might have switched around the dialogue to fit their personalities better hhaha only one of them has the same letter


sea of demise edits! what a nuisance c-ta is, amirite

a-ya is an octopus, c-ta is an eel

the rest are coming later



sea of demise edits! d-suke pls don’t eat wada k tnx

since i don’t think it’s clear enough, he’s a shark whose dorsal fin got ripped off. ouch.

[a-ya and c-ta]

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