“Alone”, doesn’t mean that “no one is around you”,
But rather, it means, “you are not connected to anyone.”
--Jin (Shizen no TekiP)

I’m Cherry, multifandom, mainly Kagerou Project (Mekakucity Actors), Utaite and VOCALOID. This is not a spoiler-free blog, I might spam KagePro, and you have been warned.

By しく

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TATATAAAA!!!! > o <)///

strawberry ene design belongs to : Hokano    :   her Tumblr

“A man goes back in time after a woman who was sentenced to death for murder asks him to give her the death sentence before she commits the crime. But he falls in love with the innocent girl who is to become a criminal, and instead kills the person whom she was going to kill. I feel like mass-producing “slightly intriguing summaries” like this is the ultimate training.”

- Fafoo (via vgperson)


because I’ve been very unproductive the past few days, I’m just gonna post some stuff from my pixiv wheee

By みる

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By みる

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ERRRRRRRRRR……..seems ridiculous but happy………


  Anonymous said:
Cherry, are the episodes on NicoNico's livestream different from the ones who are aired on TV or is it just a "special privilege" for fans to watch episodes in advance ?? I've never been on niconico and I gave up because even with all the instruction I couldn't assist the streams I feel so dumb ;;

No, don’t worry, it’s just the same, nothing else different! …Oh, except some old advertisements popping out a few times. And don’t feel dumb, since sometimes it could be confusing too!

By 南南

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By 林檎丸

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  Anonymous said:
oh no imagine kenjirou trying to give hte trio THE TALK and he starts with "when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much..." and he's already lost them because what if there's a daddy and a mommy and another daddy?? and then start arguing about who should get pregnant and oh nO


oh my GOD poly trio is so important… they’ve already decided they’re gonna get married when they grow up, all of them, and no amount of convincing will change their minds. kenjirou tries to explain about sex and just keeps raising his voice over their arguments and at some point kido is shouting about how kano looks better in a dress than she does so he should wear the dress at their wedding and seto starts crying because he doesnt want A BABY he just wants LOTS OF PETS and kano is trying to calculate how many kids they can have if they all have kids by counting on his fingers and no. just stop trying kenjirou. maybe when they’re teens they’ll get it.