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Title : Nico Nico Wonderland

Price : 2,000 yen

Release Date : 2013.04.17

Amazon | Crossfade | Official Page

Track List :

  1. Nico Nico Wonderland’s Theme Song / EasyPop
  2. Self Introduction ~vipTenchou (Lion)
  3. Ohayou Sekai / daniwell feat. vipTenchou
  4. Self Introduction ~clear (Bear)
  5. Slowly sky / HitoshizukuP×Yama△ feat. clear
  6. Self Introduction ~Amatsuki (Sheep)
  7. Pastel Lovers / PolyphonicBranch feat. Amatsuki
  8. Self Introduction ~Ryo-kun (Wolf)~
  9. Love Song wa Yuugure ni / TOKOTOKO (NishizawasanP) feat. Ryo-kun
  10. Self Introduction ~Mucchi (Hamster)~
  11. Issho ni Iyou Ne! / Takyuu Shounen feat. Mucchi
  12. Self Introduction ~Kogeinu (Dog)~
  13. Kogefuu / KEI feat. Kogeinu

The tokuten when buying Nico Nico Wonderland :

  1. Animate : Special CD
  2. Tora no Ana : B2 school poster calendar
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